Selecting the Right Manufacturer For Your PCB Prototypes

If you are planning to design and market a product for which you need of a printed circuit board prototype, you have two options to get this done. You can make the required printed circuit board prototype all by yourself or you can hire a company or a supplier who specializes in assembling them. However, manufacturing a printed circuit board prototype all by yourself is not an easy task, since you will need assembling and fabrication facilities. This is not a cheap prospect especially if you want to set up these facilities only for prototypes. Outsourcing printed circuit board prototype manufacturing to a company that specializes in manufacturing is a relatively more cost-effective idea. If you want to outsource your printed circuit board prototype manufacturing, you can use the following guidelines to your advantage:
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Designing and Production of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are designed to support electronic components that are soldered onto copper pads in drilled holes in board or surface mount applications. A board design may also be a mix of surface mount components and through-hole components.

Printed circuit boards connect all the required leads electrically with the help of conductive copper traces. The connection traces are actually copper engravings on a non-conductive material. PCBS are usually single sided with copper engravings on one side only. However, there are other PCBs that are double sided with copper etchings and component pads on both sides of the surface.
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