Understanding PCB Manufacturing: How To Avoid File Errors

Super PCB has the honor of working with many new startups, in regards to their first PCB design. While the online quote portal for both, customized printed circuit boards and standardized, helps in the actual ordering process, most clients find it hard to relay the exact PCB design requirements they need.

There are also clients who know exactly what they’re after, therefore, when it comes to manufacturing the PCB design, delays in the form of design revisions don’t occur. Working with such clients reminds us: effective communication is the key during the ordering process, which effectively leads to zero delays and prevention of file errors in the final manufactured piece. Continue reading

The Basics Of Designing PCBs With CAD Technology

Computer Aided Design – or CAD – is known as a process by which computer software is used to draw, design and develop a concept or product. Visual representation of an object can be created with the help of CAD programs.

This technology is incredibly useful to a number of industries – design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards being one of them. Continue reading

Cool Facts About PCBs That You Probably Didn’t Know

It was in the year 1936 that PCBs were first thought of (and invented) by Paul Eisler. They’ve evolved since then; becoming much smaller, faster and much more efficient to build as compared to the earlier days. However, PCB building technology never remains static i.e. it’s always evolving. Did you know that we may very well start to use biodegradable PCBs in the near future? Continue reading

Getting To Know The Basics: SMT Laser Cut Stencils

You must have surely used letter stencils back in grade school. Then the stencils were primarily used to color or paint perfect letters but today commercial and hobbyist sign makers take help from with creating basic signs and lettering. So, what is the relation between these basic stencils and PCBs? In the world of printed circuit board assembly, the application of laser cut SMT stencils isn’t all that different. Continue reading