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Online quote is for sample orders that meet these specifications:
No Blind/ Buried Vias, No Controlled Impedance, No gold finger, No slots
No multiple part numbers in one panel
Minimum trace width/space:6mil/6mil
Minimum hole size:12mil
Please limit the hole count to 25 per sq inch for 2Layer; 32 per sq inch for 4layer; 38 per sq inch for 6layer
Board length should be less than 23.5", Total board size<=1550 sq inches (1 sq m)
FR4 or FR4 Tg170

If there is a discrepancy between the online order specifications and the Gerber file, the order will be processed to the online order specifications.

For an instant quote just fill in the given form with the required credentials and press Submit. You can also get a custom quote if you have specific requirements for your circuits. Please get a custom quote if your requirements are different from above. Please get a custom quote if your lead time is less than 5 days. Please get a custom quote if you have multiple part numbers in the same Gerber set.

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If you have any questions about this quote form, please email us or call (214) 550-9837

All online quotes and orders will be confirmed after we review the Gerber file. Prices and lead time are subject to change if Gerber file does not match online form.

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